Everyone’s talking about diversity & inclusion. Yet so many spaces still experience high levels of bias, power imbalances and policies that exist on paper, but not in real life. The truth is creating an inclusive culture takes vision and execution. And a whole lotta guts. We support innovators, creatives and change agents across industries to design a world that is more just, fair and humane. With expertise ranging from startups to government to tech companies—and everything in between—we move beyond buzzwords and tailor strategies for leaders shaping our shared future.





To truly achieve equality and ensure all people are valued—at work, school and in community—we must first understand equity. All of our assets, including our trainings, data assessments, workshops and coaching, equip partners with the language, data and tools necessary to identify, address and remove inequities.



Creating bold change requires daring and diverse leaders. As leading thought partners to decision makers, managers, C-suite leaders, and executives, we empower our client-partners with equitable decision making strategies and tools that directly impact the 3Ps: People, Policies and Process.

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Culture shapes how we see ourselves in our environments. Those more empowered—who belong—define culture. We help partners identify, envision and transform culture. We employ sustainable models and strategies that allow for culture to evolve, people to be valued and productivity to increase.




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Client: The City of New York

Challenge: Connect more Black communities to mental health supports.

Solution: Think Rubix created the first municipal Black mental health strategy in the nation, engaging locally and nationally recognized Black organizations, leaders and health experts. The multi-faceted strategy significantly increased the numbers of Black people trained in Mental Health First Aid; launched “YogaNoir”—a free space for New Yorkers to enjoy mental and physical wellness; and created the Mental Health Advisory Committee, which created an intervention report intended to not only address biases within social supports, but also a pipeline strategy to increase the number of Black mental health and culture professionals.

Learn more about Sisters Thrive and Brothers Thrive.


Client: Expedia Headquarters, London

Challenge: Diversity and inclusion training for senior tech managers and executives in a fast-paced tech environment.

Solution: The impact of our offering was felt the first five minutes by simply asking participants to identify how they’d like to be referred to, by name and gender pronoun. Using qualitative and quantitative approaches, storytelling, and one-on-one coaching, attendees left with a deeper appreciation of equity, affinity teams and accountability. Connecting how biases can show up in their products to consumers, our team designed culture assessment workshops and tools to empower managers to appreciate diversity, inclusion and belonging as a necessary ingredient in modern-day business.

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Team: Revolve Impact, Think Rubix & Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights

Challenge: Create an intervention to address the disproportionate impact the cash bail system has on marginalized communities.

Solution: Think Rubix was selected as cultural and communications strategists of the “Mass Bail Out,” team. Collectively, we were able to free over 100 women, children and LGBTQ+ persons caged simply because they were too poor to make bail. Resulting in the largest national bail out effort in the nation, our team engaged well-known celebrities, including Common and the cast of “Orange is the New Black;” created community supports for those reuniting with returning family members; and trained over 2000+ people in our community teach-ins with impacted persons.

View the VICE News coverage on the historic action.

To say Think Rubix was our lifeline would be an understatement. They came to our organization when we had no clear direction on how we would address the diversity and inclusion challenges we were experiencing, and helped us harness our enthusiasm to deliver an actionable plan.
— Sarah, Expedia Senior D&I Manager